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The Everything Store

The Everything Store is the story of Jeff Bezos’ remarkable entrepreneurial achievements in building one of the largest and most successful companies of all-time, There is much to unpack here, particularly about Bezos’s childhood, his single mindedness and his unshakeable belief in his ideas and plans. However, what makes the book especially indispensible is a detailed recounting of how Amazon emerged as the winner in so many different categories. From the early stage product category diversification model, to allying with category leaders such as Toys r Us and eventually dominating those segments, to the relentless drive for cost management, extending reach and automation. The Everything Store shows Amazon unabashedly as the supply chain juggernaut that it is, and raises questions about the societal implications of the domination of any one business across so many categories, the impact this domination has on consumer choice and on small businesses. Whatever value judgments you might make at the end of this book, you will not regret reading it, for it is an essential guide to the mind of an important man and a massive company, both of which are part of the small cast of characters that define our times.