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Stackable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system and portable hangar system therefor

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system comprises a hangar structure configurable to mount on a host platform. The hangar structure comprises electrical circuits comprising a charging circuit and a communications circuit. The UAV system further comprises a plurality of stackable UAVs. The plurality of stackable UAVs comprise respective batteries and control circuits. The plurality of stackable UAVs are configured to cooperate with the charging circuit to charge …
Aerially dispersible massively distributed sensorlet system
A distributed sensor module system comprises a plurality of sensor modules configured to be aerially deployable from a deployment device, the deployment device including an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or an aeronautically deployable unitized container, the plurality of sensor modules configured to communicate with each other. A first sensor module comprises a first sensor configured to obtain first sensor information from a first environment proximate to…