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Three Coming Shifts In AI

Being an Innovator in the Age of Exponentials

Generative Art

Amir enjoys writing programs to generate art and poetry, and finds the process of collaborating with his synthetic creative partners fascinating. Here are a few examples of paintings generated by the same program, I.e. the same virtual artist, with Amir supplying minor creative direction.


When AI works, in my experience, the conclusions it comes up with or the actions it suggests are often not intuitive actions. If they were always intuitive, AI would be just the equivalent of a faster human researcher, but it is often quite a bit more.



Alumni Zaib & Amir Husain gifted UT $5M to launch the Machine Learning Laboratory—a permanent base for campus-wide AI research, including @NSF’s IFML. Their gift will…



System and method for creating a core cognitive fingerprint


The rapid pace of change of military robotics and AI advancements is also marked by great strategic unpredictability, in part derived from surprising market-defining commercial breakthroughs that can come from literally any corner of the world.