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    • “Amir Husain's The Sentient Machine is a fascinating book that is sure to significantly advance the conversation about the many ways that artificial intelligence is poised to change global society. From vignettes about the impact of artificial intelligence on the battlefield to investigations of the consequences for financial markets, The Sentient Machine has detailed discussions that will appeal to experts, but it is readable for the general public. Highly recommended.”

      Michael C. Horowitz
      Professor, Political Science
      University of Pennsylvania

    • “In The Sentient Machine, Amir Husain applies his brilliance to expanding the enormity of the implications of artificial intelligence, but does it with the skill of a mentor guiding his proteges to greater understanding. As it is emerging, AI may be the most profound force shaping every dimension of human existence in the twenty-first century.”

      General John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.)
      Former CDR, NATO International Security
      Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan

    • “Should artificial intelligence be feared or embraced? Which industries will be transformed next? Should we allow autonomous weapons in the military? Can machines be creative? This book provides a sound, technical perspective while tackling core questions about science, society, and humanity. We're at a crossroads, and I recommend this book to anyone seeking a balanced and reasoned view of the future.”

      Professor Bruce Porter
      Chairman, Dept. of Computer Science
      University of Texas at Austin

    • “In The Sentient Machine, Amir Husain prepares us for a brighter future; not with hyperbole about right and wrong, but with serious arguments about risk and potential.”

      Dr. Greg Hyslop
      Chief Technology Office
      The Boeing Company

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Artificial “machine” intelligence is playing an ever-greater role in our society. We are already using cruise control in our cars, automatic checkout at the drugstore, and are unable to live without our smartphones. The discussion around AI is polarized; people think either machines will solve all problems for everyone, or they will lead us down a dark, dystopian path into total human irrelevance. Regardless of what you believe, the idea that we might bring forth intelligent creation can be intrinsically frightening. But what if our greatest role as humans so far is that of creators?