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The Hyperwar era is upon us. The fusion of distributed artificial intelligence with highly autonomous military systems ushers in a type of lightning-quick conflict that has never been seen before.

’Hyperwar’ doesn’t just admire the problem of AI-fueled warfare, it offers concrete approaches to help U.S. policymakers and our allies prepare. It is a ‘must read’ for all humans seeking to be ‘in the loop or on the loop’ before these technologies outpace our capacity to make ethical, strategic and secure decisions about our future.

- Ambassador Victoria Nuland CEO, Center for a New American Security

Hyperwar' features new and interesting insights on one of the greatest challenges of our time—understanding the way advances in artificial intelligence could shape the future of warfare. Featuring an array of chapters by leading global thinkers on technology and warfare, it will help all of us understand the national security consequences of intersections between artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cyber, and more!

- Prof. Michael C. Horowitz Professor of Political Science and Associate Director of Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania